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How to Succeed Podcast

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Aug 15, 2022

By understanding the buyer's journey, businesses can create marketing strategies that are tailored to each stage of the process. By providing helpful information at each stage, businesses can build trust with their potential customers and ultimately drive sales.

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Jeremy Thomson will help us understand the buyer’s journey through these topics:

00:00-00:40 Intro 

00:50-02:47 What is the buyer’s journey all about?

02:55-07:00 Common misconceptions about sales and marketing

07:07-09:50 Marketing to buyer’s journey

09:52-11:57 Learning how to treat buyers differently throughout sales and marketing funnels 

11:58-17:22  Marketing qualified leads vs. Sales qualified leads 

17:28-22:16 Tips and tricks for understanding the buyer’s journey 

22:18-23:35 Best advice from Jeremy about the buyer’s journey

23:43-28:54 Q&A with Jeremy Thomson

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