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Feb 27, 2023

How to Generate More Leads and Drive Sales with Demand Creation

In this episode, we sit down with Christopher Roche, CEO of Catalyst Consulting, to discuss how to succeed at creating demand. Christopher explains that lead generation is the typical marketing approach used by companies, but it often leads to frustration due to unqualified leads.

Christopher offers advice on how companies can create demand in their markets, such as by utilizing webinars, ebooks, and white papers to engage their target audiences. Additionally, he emphasizes the value of establishing rapport with clients and offering them content appropriate to their needs. By implementing these techniques, companies can increase demand in their markets and produce more qualified leads.



  • 0:00:03 Creating Demand: A Conversation with Christopher Roche
  • 0:02:04 Exploring solution-aware prospects and the Sandler Rule for Sales Teams
  • 0:04:00 The Role of Education in Sales and Marketing: A Discussion on Attracting New Audiences
  • 0:06:51 Strategies for Capturing Demand Through Paid Cold Traffic Social Ads
  • 0:08:24 Exploring Paid Social Strategies for Demand Generation
  • 0:09:50 Attribution Tracking and Self-Reported Attribution for Marketers and Sales Professionals
  • 0:12:26 Exploring Different Channels for B2B Marketing
  • 0:15:19 Exploring the Balance of Paid Promotions
  • 0:17:18 The Benefits of Social Organic Marketing for Sales Leaders
  • 0:18:23 Tips and Tricks for Effective Digital Marketing Strategies
  • 0:20:36 Leveraging Social Media for Small Business Growth
  • 0:22:34 Social Selling Strategies for Sales Reps
  • 0:23:49 Non-Sales Tips for Following Up With Prospects
  • 0:26:16 Interview with Christopher Roche: Defining Success in His Career
  • 0:31:31 Creating Demand Through Long-Term Investment
  • 0:32:37 Creating Demand Through LinkedIn


Key Highlights:

  • Have a long-term objective and begin with easy victories, to attract potential audiences with demand. Setting up demand-capture websites like Google Ads and Bing Ads, retargeting, and running paid social ads to hold traffic can help with this.
  • Use social media as a tool to grow your business.




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