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Feb 13, 2023

Tips and strategies to find a new career for veterans and other life changes.

In this episode, we sit down with Michele McManamon to discuss her inspiring journey as the CEO and co-founder of Operation New Uniform. A former Sandler trainer and owner of a business powered by the renowned training program, she shares how veterans can successfully transition from military service into their new careers. Discover invaluable insight on finding your ideal job role, developing appropriate attitudes for success, and setting achievable goals that will help you make an impact in today's competitive world!

Veterans and those enduring a career reset frequently face daunting challenges. Our discussion emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, speaking persuasively about one's resume, filling any gaps through volunteer experience or training opportunities available to those who are determined, all while having confidence in oneself for having gained valuable knowledge along the way that makes them uniquely qualified. 


  • 0:02:14 Top Challenges Faced by Vets and Others Seeking a New Career
  • 0:04:06 The Benefits of Sandler Training for Professional Athletes
  • 0:05:31 Attitude and Behaviors for Career Success
  • 0:09:02 Finding a Career and Networking for Success
  • 0:10:28  Strategies for Landing a New Job
  • 0:14:37  Leveraging Your Skills and Talents to Find a New Job
  • 0:22:04 Supporting Veterans Through Sandler Training Programs

Key Takeaways:

For successful career growth and personal satisfaction, it is critical to find supportive mentors who can provide guidance in understanding goals. In addition, having a balance of work and enjoyment along the journey will lead to greater success in life.

In order to be successful in sales, it's important for individuals to take steps that will effectively position them as credible professionals. This could include setting up a personal LinkedIn profile and being mindful of certain behaviors so they are seen positively rather than coming across as sleazy or pushy.



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