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Nov 28, 2022

Steve Montague, Sandler coach from Kansas City, returns to talk about recession-proofing your team and culture. The biggest thing that great leaders do during tough times maintains a positive attitude and focus on growth. They also practice radical transparency with their team and invest in their people, even when resources are tight. In this video, we will discuss how businesses can cut costs without harming their growth


0:02:06 Leadership in Difficult Times

0:03:37 The Impact of a Leader's Mindset on Business Success

0:08:16 The Benefits of Marketing and Sales Investments 

0:09:47 The Importance of Focusing on Profitable Deals in a Downtime

0:11:27 Recession-Proofing Your Business and Company Culture

0:16:54 The Success Principles 


Memorable Quotes

“Sometimes dropping a bad client can be the best thing for you to free up time and resources or to move on to more profitable deals, especially in prospecting”



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