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Jan 23, 2023

In this episode, Chris McDonell discusses how to use Sandler's upfront contract to increase rapport. We will talk about how an upfront contract can help with bonding and rapport and how it can be used to ensure that objectives are clear. You will learn the importance of having an upfront contract in order to build rapport with a prospect.

It is important to be clear about what each party wants to accomplish in the meeting and to have an understanding of the prospect's priorities. Outcomes should be determined upfront in order to make the meeting more productive.


  • 0:00:02 How to Succeed at Using Sandler's Upfront Contract to Increase Rapport
  • 0:02:09 The Different Types of Communication Styles and How to Best Handle Them
  • 0:03:38 The Benefits of an Upfront Contract
  • 0:05:16 The Benefits of an Upfront Contract
  • 0:06:48 Upfront Contract, Bonding, and Rapport: The Three C's of a Successful Meeting
  • 0:11:15 The Benefits of a No-Pressure Sales Approach
  • 0:15:09 The Benefits of Slowing Down the Sale
  • 0:16:49 The Impact of AI on the Landscaping Industry
  • 0:18:14 The Benefits of an Upfront Contract
  • 0:20:49 The Benefits of an Upfront Contract
  • 0:23:53 Upfront Contracts: What You Need to Know

Key Takeaways:

Some people are very outgoing and friendly and may not like to stick to an agenda. The best way to communicate with each type of person is to be aware of their preferences and adjust accordingly.

The upfront contract and bonding through the upfront contract, we're there to determine if there's a fit or if there's pain. We're talking about a lot of potentially very serious stuff, depending on what it is and what's going on, and that goes well below the surface level.



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