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How to Succeed Podcast

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Dec 31, 2022

Mike Montague shares the Top 22 Lessons for Salespeople and Sales Leaders from Sandler from 2022 as collected from around the world by our clients, trainers, and prospects.

  1. Modernize your Sales Approach with Hybrid
  2. Scale Your Sales Coaching
  3. Use 21st-Century Prospecting
  4. Keep Top Performers During the Great Resignation
  5. Questioning Strategies to Improve your Selling
  6. Start More Interesting Sales Conversations
  7. Diagnose Unrecognized Pain
  8. Finding the Right Hire
  9. Sell to the Modern Buyer Aligned with the Buyer's Journey
  10. Manage your Sales Pipeline
  11. Level-Up your Sales Coaching with Better Questions
  12. Align Your Customer Success and Sales Teams
  13. Find Unrecognized Pain with Better Discovery
  14. Improve Your Personal Presence
  15. Succeed with Virtual Selling
  16. Expand Accounts with Customer Success
  17. Start a Journal
  18. Make Real Progress  by Tracking Behaviors
  19. Recruit and Hire Great Salespeople
  20. Labeling Emotions for Better Communication
  21. Overcome Anxiety with the Success Triangle
  22. Succeed Vocally by Monitoring Your Tone



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