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Mar 16, 2022

Find Anastasia Vladychynska's masterclasses at: 

Help Anastasia and over 120 other businesswomen, who have been forced to flee Ukraine, by attending a virtual masterclass on keeping your clients, creating a positive customer experience, and changing your employee's attitudes about customer service!

Before February 24th, Anastasia ran a very successful customer experience consultancy in Kyiv, Ukraine and was an adjunct professor at Kyiv-Mahyla Business School. Today, she is living in Italy as a refugee with her car and one suitcase with an idea to help her girlfriends who have been displaced because of the war with Russia. 

Right now, she is supporting over 120 women with accommodation, jobs, and financial support, and she needs your help. You can buy a recording or book a seat to attend one of her Customer Experience Masterclasses, and the proceeds will go to help these women.

You can change the amount to anything you are able to give when you register for the class.

Find Anastasia Vladychynska's masterclasses at: 

Anastasia is willing to give back to the Service Community and Ukrainians in exchange for your financial support. Please contact her with any other offers of jobs, housing, or other opportunities for support across Europe. 

+380 96 014 34 06

The How to Succeed Podcast is a public and free podcast from Sandler helping salespeople and leaders get to the top and stay there. Please help Anastasia and her girlfriends stay there!