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Dec 12, 2022

Kaysi Curtain talks about thriving in uncertainty and growing when others are shrinking.

In order to be successful, it is important to have a positive outlook and to be realistic. In this video, we will have Kaysi Curtin discusses how to thrive in uncertainty. She talks about how her behavior and attitude have helped her thrive in her business, despite the challenges she has faced. She also provides some tips on how to build techniques that can help people thrive in uncertain times.


  • 0:02:34 The Ideal Attitude for Thriving in Uncertainty
  • 0:03:55 The Power of Positivity: How to Stay Focused and Thrive in Any Situation
  • 0:05:45 Sales Team Growth in Any Economy
  • 0:07:26 Maintaining Sales Behaviors During Challenging Times
  • 0:10:20 The Importance of Going Above and Beyond in Your Career
  • 0:12:11 The Power of Personal Presence in Difficult Times
  • 0:13:24 The Importance of Personal Presence in Sales
  • 0:16:41 The Five Ways to Improve Your Personal Presence in Business
  • 0:18:19 The Benefits of Being Generous and Authentic in Sales
  • 0:19:37 The Power of Positive Thinking in Business
  • 0:25:02 The Power of Possibility

Key Takeaways:

When you have a strong personal presence and conviction, you can close more deals than if you were just confident.

Great salespeople can find a way to position themselves regardless of the external situation. They can help people in pain or inspire and encourage those that are succeeding.

The key to success is to constantly challenge prospects, salespeople, and customers with interesting questions using a consultative approach. 



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