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Nov 23, 2022

An Essay from our founder, David H. Sandler:

Thank You, Prospects

FOR every turndown, which made me stronger even though at the time I thought it was the end of my career.

FOR every backout which left me disappointed and discouraged…and a special apology for all the 4-letter words that went through my mind at the time.

FOR not showing up for a Monday morning appointment that had been confirmed, and one which I was worried about all weekend…you taught me how to relax and enjoy my family…seven days a week.

FOR every “I want to think it over”… until I became angry enough to learn how to deal with a stall which had no substance except in my own mind.

FOR every other stall and objection I have never been able to find in any sales training manual…which made me a better salesperson by forcing me to use my creativity in order to find a response.

FOR teaching me that money is a conceptual thing and not a technical thing, and that you only had as much money as I was strong enough to ask for…even though it had no relationship to what you really would have spent for what I was selling.

FOR every ignored voicemail, text, DM, and email…which taught me how to bring value and earn your attention.

FOR every conversation I had with my family where I had to defend the business of selling which eventually even convinced me that selling was a worthwhile, legitimate profession…in spite of what you were telling me and anyone who would listen.


…AND a final thank you, for putting up with my ineptness, my fears, my worries, my self-doubt, my introversion, and all the other self-limitations I placed upon myself, which only by practicing on you, could I have learned to overcome to become the professional I am today.


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